Home Care

We offer a daily home care service for people who can't manage on their own, by providing services of preparing small meals, shopping, cleaning, errand running, laundary & ironing.

Our aim is to provide you & your loved ones with a proffesional service that caters for each individuals needs. If you need someone to give care of a very high standard which you yourself would give if you had the time, then please call us.

We are fully insurred, trustworthy & reliable.

At sometime in our lives we will all get old, we want to be looked after by people who care. Thats is us, because "Time is Precious."

Are you running a business and have to use up 'precious time' during your day to run errands such as buying a gift/card/flowers for a loved one or nipping out to pick up your dry cleaning or the shopping?

How many time have you said "I'll be back in ten minutes" only to find that 'ten minutes' has materialised into an hour and you end up under even more pressure?  

"delivery is sometime next Tuesday between 8am and 6pm but we can't say exactly what time"

Have you then had to take a day off without pay or use up part of your precious holiday entitlement?

'Times Precious' can will arrange to be at your home to accept delivery on your behalf.

Are you a Solicitor or Letting Agent who needs a quality residential property clearance and cleaning service? 'Times Precious' can provide clearance and cleaning services for properties which are subject of 'probate or 'tenant changes.

Working? Retired? Why spend your 'precious time' cleaning your house when 'Times Precious' can do it for you!

Are you trying to organise a new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom but don't now where to begin or don't have the time to do it?

We are passionate about what we do, because it means so much to you.

'Times Precious' can project manage the whole process from start to finish.

Free quotes & plans for kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms.

Our experienced designer and tradespeople can give you what YOU want on time and at the agreed price!

We sure all is clean and tidy so you don't have to worry.